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Blue-rug-juniper-turning-brown, if the blue rug juniper’s twigs turn brown at the tips and branches die, especially when the weather is warm and wet, suspect branch and stem rot. this disease is caused by a fungal pathogen.... Blue rug juniper turning brown this looks consistent with watering problems. it could be too much or too little, or it could be something is wrong with the root system, which could be water related or due to something else such as a tight root ball., check for blisters at needle bases and brown leaf tips that indicate the presence of the juniper midge, a small insect that preys on juniper. spray bushes with ready-to-use insecticidal soap to kill mature midges and ready-to-use light horticultural oil in early spring to kill the eggs..

Juniper tip blight examine the twigs and branches of the juniper bush in early spring for brown twigs, dead twigs and twigs lying on the ground, signalling juniper tip blight infection. wipe the..., juniperus horizontalis, creeping juniper, is a shrub that occurs in the northern united states and canada. it is low growing and evergreen and is often used for groundcover. though it is known as being quite hardy, the creeping juniper can begin to brown for a variety of reasons, including improper watering, poor soil conditions and pests..

Blue rug juniper, juniperus horizontalis ‘wiltonii’ this an absolutely awesome plant to grow, sell or use in a landscape design. they are hardy, tough as nails, will grow in just about any kind of soil and they do well in zones 3-9., make sure you planted blue rug and not blue chip. blue chip is beautiful but as it grows older the centers die out and turn brown and unsightly. phomopsis twig blight is a juniper problem. it is a fungal disease that causes small lesions on the twigs..

Many varieties besides blue rug juniper plants are suitable for ground covers. all want full sun and a soil that drains well. the prince of wales cultivar of j. horizontalis is green and grows even more quickly, while another cultivar, mother lode, bears greenish-gold foliage.the pancake cultivar stays smaller than these, both in terms of height (an amazing 2 to 3 inches tall) and spread (2 feet)., if you can spot your juniper turning dusty early, you may be able to prevent mites from sucking the life juices from the plant and turning the bush brown. spray a high-powered stream of water over the entire plant to knock the mites off the needles.