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Blue-rug-juniper-weed-control, blue rug is the nickname for the groundcover, juniperus horizontalis "wiltonii." it takes the nickname for its ability to spread into a silvery blue, carpet over the landscape. because the juniper isn't as dense as turf, weeds have an easy time getting a toehold and proliferating. keeping weeds in .... "blue rug" juniper (juniperus horizontalis "wiltonii"), hardy in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, is a commonly found cultivar of creeping juniper. although ..., many varieties besides blue rug juniper plants are suitable for ground covers. all want full sun and a soil that drains well. the prince of wales cultivar of j. horizontalis is green and grows even more quickly, while another cultivar, mother lode, bears greenish-gold foliage.the pancake cultivar stays smaller than these, both in terms of height (an amazing 2 to 3 inches tall) and spread (2 feet)..

The features of blue rug juniper. native to north america, this blue rug noted for its excellent, prostrate, dense form. it will grow a little more slowly, typically grows to be 4-6 inches tall and spreading to 5-7 feet., how to kill weeds in blue rug juniper? i have a large area covered with junipers but without any landscaping cloth underneath. i use preen in the spring but still get some weeds. is there any type of poison that i could spray without killing the junipers. answer save. 5 answers. relevance..

Q: i am trying to control weeds and zoysiagrass in ‘blue rug’ juniper. what should i use? a: a quick answer is that you can simply dig them out but you’d better wear leather gloves and long pants if you don’t want to be stuck by the prickly juniper needles., juniper plants (juniperus spp.) are versatile, evergreen conifers that can be used as ground covers, as hedges or simply as ornamentals. most varieties grow in u.s. department of agriculture plant ....

Weed killer that is ok for use on juniper - knowledgebase question. pests and problems. soddy daisy, tn. question by ktharvey may 23, 2012. which weed killer can be used on juniper plants? i bought some ortho weed-b-gon but it says do not use on groundcovers. i just want to get rid of the weeds not the plant. thanks!