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Care-of-blue-rug-juniper, blue rug juniper is a drought-tolerant ground cover that craves fast drainage. because so many other plants find it difficult to thrive on sunny slopes, where water runs off so quickly that plants are apt to go thirsty, this juniper cultivar is a practical solution.. Blue rug juniper serves well as a year-round ground cover, its silvery blue foliage turning a bit purplish during the cold winter months. in the cold regions, this blue rug adapts well to snow and frost but it can turn almost purple in seriously cold winters., blue rug juniper is a popular evergreen shrub. it grows low to the ground, its branches creeping only a few inches above the ground. learn more about this juniper shrub including landscaping ideas, planting and care tips..

Proper care of a newly planted blue rug juniper will increase its chance of survival and root establishment. provide the plant with supplemental watering when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil becomes..., the importance of blue rug juniper is high as its benefits are more every gardener must look for the required. the importance of blue rug juniper is high as its benefits are more every gardener must look for the required. home. trees-acacia. big leaf maple. texas redbud. perennial flowers +.

Overall description a very flat growing form of juniper with long trailing branches reaching up to 8 ft in length. foliage is a nice silvery blue color, and takes on a very slight "purplish" tinge during winter months. has excellent heat tolerance, and can thrive in very adverse growing conditions., amazon.com : blue rug juniper 'wiltonii' - 6 inch pot - juniperus horizontalis - drought tolerant cold hardy evergreen : garden & outdoor. Customer review, plant health care recommendations for red oak northern red oak (quercus rubra) is a stately moderately fast growing, large maturing shade tree that has a pleasing oval shape..

An outstanding selection of our western native sand cherry, pawnee buttes is a low growing, groundcover shrub with a profusion of fragrant white flowers in early spring and showy mahogany-red foliage in the fall. drought resistant/drought tolerant plant.