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Cat-using-doormat-as-toilet, litter box avoidance can have many causes, so without knowing more about your cat, i will just list some of the common ones. 1. you’ve recently had your cat “declawed” and going to the litter box is painful now. 2. you’ve brought in another pet or.... How the hell do i stop cats using doormat as a toilet?? (10 posts) add message | report. dancergirl thu 02-sep-10 11:59:48. i'm so fed up with it now. for the last few months cats have been pooing on the doormat outside our kitchen door. i've cleaned up so many times and sprayed the area with that anti-cat stuff, but to no avail., how to stop cat using doormat as toilet 25th aug 16 at 9:56 am #1 ; we're having a really unpleasant problem with a cat (at least we assume it's a cat - we haven't actually caught it in the act) defecating on our front door mat. it used to happen occasionally, then became more and more frequent, to the point where last weekend we resorting to ....

How to stop cat using doormat as toilet. 25 august 2016 at 8:56am edited 30 november -1 at 12:00am in pets & pet care. 18 replies 7.7k views trixa forumite., we have had exactly the same with our kitten, we had a cat already who used wood chip litter so when we got the kitten we used the same. every time the kitten kept pooing on the door mat, we then changed the cat litter to clumping (which i hate) and he uses the tray every time, only time he poops on the mat now if he feels the tray isnt clean enough, he's a fussy bugger!!.

The reasons. cats urinate outside of their litter boxes for a number of reasons. your cat may urinate on the rug to claim it as part of his territory, especially in households with multiple cats. if the rug is located in view of a window through which your cat sees other cats outdoors, he will urinate on the rug to communicate to these other cats to stay out of his territory., is your cat pooping on the rug or floor instead of in the litter box? when litter-trained cats poop outside the box, it's called inappropriate elimination.litter box problems are among the most common behavioral issues experienced by cat owners. this yet frustrating behavior can be difficult for cat owners to manage..

We have a question from a lady who’s cat started pooping in the house suddenly, when she normally goes to the toilet outside. here is the message and my answer below: my cat started pooping in the house. my cat is stressed, i wonder if you could help? since november 2013 our 11 year old female cat has started going to the toilet in our house!, i'm kinda at the end of my rope here. my cat is 13 years old and has never once had litter box issues. now he suddenly has started to randomly poop on the carpet by the front door. he has done it 3 times in the last month and there doesn't seem to be any method to his madness. i'm using the....

Sometimes out of the blue a cat will stop using the litter tray or litterbox. you may notice early signs of this when your cat doesn’t dig into the litter, or goes into the tray and comes out without using it (mills et al., 2013).most owners just think “oh, an accident!” and clear up.